Current projects

The Way We Never Were: Politicising Nostalgia and Racial Purity

This seeding project on ‘toxic nostalgia’ is coordinated by Research Fellow Max Soar, with Distinguished  Professor Emeritus Paul Spoonley and Joanna Kidman. The project aims to establish a community of researchers interested in exploring the centrality of a politics of nostalgia to extremist ideologies. A key aim of the project is to mentor and guide early career researchers, including those from academic institutions and from communities.

Recently funded projects

  • Empowering Youth for Civic Engagement: A Student-Led Documenting System to Counter Misinformation and Hate on Social Media (PhD research project)
  • Exploring the Psychosocial Dimensions of Hate Crimes Directed towards Muslim Women in Aotearoa (PhD research project)
  • Māori experiences of Misinformation and Disinformation on Social Media (PhD research project)
  • Rain Songs: Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, (White) Nationalism, and Aotearoa Today (PhD research project)
  • Resilience and Religion: Coping Mechanisms for Post-Traumatic Growth in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosques Attacks (PhD research project)
  • Signs of the Wellington Occupation: Progression of a Protest (Masters research project)
  • Te Ao Takatāpui Rangatira (Masters research project)
  • Terror and ‘the Other’: A Critical Analysis of Othering in the Construction of the ‘Enemy’ (Masters research project)
  • To report a war: the digital frontier from a legal lens (Masters research project)
  • How can community-led initiatives build social cohesion and support attempts to prevent violent extremism in Aotearoa New Zealand? (Masters research project)
  • Extremist theology in Aotearoa: Are New Zealand Christians at risk of radicalisation? (Masters research project)
  • Understanding Contemporary Political Discontent, Dissent and Anti Government Extremism in Aotearoa (2020-2023) (PhD project)
  • Understanding the nature and wellbeing impacts of anti-transgender extremism in Aotearoa (PhD project).