Current projects

The Way We Never Were: Politicising Nostalgia and Racial Purity

This seeding project on ‘toxic nostalgia’ is led by Co-Directors Paul Spoonley and Joanna Kidman, with Research Fellow Max Soar. The project aims to establish a community of researchers interested in exploring the centrality of a politics of nostalgia to extremist ideologies. A key aim of the project is to mentor and guide early career researchers, including those from academic institutions and from communities.

Recently funded projects

  • How can community-led initiatives build social cohesion and support attempts to prevent violent extremism in Aotearoa New Zealand? (Master’s research project)
  • Extremist theology in Aotearoa: Are New Zealand Christians at risk of radicalisation? (Master’s research project)
  • Understanding Contemporary Political Discontent, Dissent and Anti Government Extremism in Aotearoa (2020-2023). (PhD project)
  • Understanding the nature and wellbeing impacts of anti-transgender extremism in Aotearoa. (PhD project)
  • Assessing threats to social cohesion and national security posed by dissidence and the rise of anti-authority ideologies throughout rural New Zealand. (PhD project)